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Teacher comes home from work to find naked woman eating her food

By Mason White 6:47 AM October 13, 2017
Mary Beth Hamilton
Mary Beth Hamilton
By: Emily Lewis

A teacher in Florida, was shocked to find a naked woman sitting inside her home while eating her food.

The homeowner told police that she returned from her work to find a naked woman in her living room, according to the police report.

The owner ran out of the home and locked herself in her car, where she called the police.

She told police that the woman grabbed her son’s white shirt, followed her to the car and tried to talk to her through the closed window.

Deputies responded to the robbery in St. Augustine, at about 3:00 p.m.

They found 63-year-old Mary Beth Hamilton outside the home.
Hamilton told officers “the door was open for me to come inside.”

Once inside the home, Hamilton took some leftover food from the refrigerator before helping herself to a can of pineapples.

The two women did not know each other. Hamilton lives about half a mile from the victim. Hamilton is facing charges of burglary.