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8-year-old birthday boy and his friend die after drinking acid which they mistook for juice

By Mason White 10:23 AM October 15, 2017
Aryan Singh and Sahil Sankar
Aryan Singh and Sahil Sankar
By: William Martin

Police were called after boys suddenly died during a birthday party.

The two young boys from Bangalore, India, died after drinking sulfuric acid, which they thought was fruit juice.

According to police, Sahil Sankar was celebrating his 8th birthday with his friends.

During the party, the birthday boy took his best friend into his father’s workshop, where the two found a fruit juice bottle.

Sankar and his friend, 9-year-old Aryan Singh, took the glass bottle and drank its contents.

After consuming it, they screamed out in pain, collapsed and died. Tests confirmed that the two young boys died from poisoning.

According to police, Sahil’s father is a goldsmith, who uses the acid in his workshop as part of the formula to help melt gold and other precious metals.

The father stored the acid in an old fruit juice bottle. The kids recognized the bottle as the fruit juice they often have at home, but they had no idea that it was filled with the chemical.