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British couple discovers migrant hiding in their truck after returning from vacation in France

By Mason White 10:31 AM October 15, 2017
Paul Edmunds and the migrant
Paul Edmunds and the migrant
By: Emily Lewis

A man of the United Kingdom, said that he never saw his wife’s mouth drop the way it did when they discovered a man hiding in their van.

The couple of Wales, returned from a four-day vacation in France, when the incident unfolded.

59-year-old Paul Edmunds said that he was unpacking his belongings from the back of his van when he spotted a white pair of sneakers that did not belong to him.

Soon enough, he discovered a young man lying in the van behind his stuff.

Edmunds has no idea, how or when the man snuck into his van. However, he said that the man may have climbed into his truck when he and his wife Janet had stopped at a gas station in Calais, France, for a bathroom break.

After the break, the couple traveled about 4 and a half hours to their home.

Edmunds said that the 22-year-old migrant who does not speak much English asked if they were in England, to which he replied: “yes, were in Caersws, Wales.”

When Edmunds asked where he was from, the migrant replied: “Africa.”

The migrant had a phone and was trying to contact someone in England after he was discovered.

Edmunds called police and gave the migrant water and chocolate as he waited for officers to arrive.