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Man arrested for emptying his water cup and filling it with soda at McDonald’s

By Mason White 7:54 AM October 15, 2017
Cody Morris
Cody Morris
By: Emily Lewis

Three friends who ordered food at McDonald’s, decided to get free drinks.

However, things did not go as planned and one of them was arrested for putting soda in a cup of water and refusing to return it.

18-year-old Cody Morris and his friends went to the fast food restaurant in Springdale, Arkansas, where they ordered food along with three large cups of water.

Then they parked their car, emptied the water and entered the restaurant, where they filled the cups with soda.

When they were caught, two of them returned the soda, but Morris refused to return his.

When he left the store, the manager tried to stop him from driving away by standing in front of the car.

The manager was allegedly hit by the car when the driver reversed and drove off with the stolen soda. After they fled, the manager called the police.

Police said that although store employees have the legal right to detain suspects under Arkansas’s shoplifting laws, they do discourage anyone from putting themselves in harm’s way.

Officers with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office found the car in a nearby bowling alley and arrested Morris.

He has been charged with felony robbery. Morris was released after posting $2,500 bond.