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NBA star Stephen Curry being praised for signing fan’s sneaker despite discovering it was a knockoff

By Mason White 10:27 AM October 15, 2017
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) China’s factories are known for knocking off many American products.

The latest victim seems to be NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

Over the weekend, Curry was at the Mercedes-Benz stage in Shanghai, where he met his fans and he was getting to know more about China.

The Golden State Warriors member was also signing memorabilia, such as t-shirts and sneakers, for fans.

One video of Curry signing a sneaker went viral after the NBA star was seen spotting the knockoff.

A fan gave Curry the shoe to sign and as he was ready to do so, the star suddenly hesitated.

He took a closer look at the sneaker and confirmed that something was not right.

He then showed it to his aides. After a few moments, Curry took out his cell phone.

He used the phone’s camera to take photos of the sneaker, which he obviously believed was a knockoff.

Instead of confiscating the shoe, Curry signed it anyway and handed it back to his overjoyed fan, who was heard thanking him in English.

A witness said that the fan confessed that the shoe was a knockoff, which he bought for cheap in Putian, Fujian, where the center of China’s booming fake shoes industry is located.