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Man looking for lost dog shocked to find video of neighbor killing pet with bow and arrow

By Mason White 5:43 PM October 16, 2017
Cruel man shooting dog with bow and arrow
Cruel man shooting dog with bow and arrow
By: Mason White

A man in China, is angry after police told him that the killer of his dog will not be charged.

The owner of a small white dog in Fuzhou City said that he went searching for his pet after it slipped away from his home.

The dog owner searched in the nearby streets, but he could not find his pet.

He then decided to review the security surveillance cameras.

He was shocked to see the video, showing his neighbor following his 7-year-old dog.

The neighbor then used a bow and arrow to shoot the dog at close range.

The cruel man then pulled out the arrow and shot the dog a second time.

The animal abuser is then seen carrying the dead dog and dumping it in a garbage bin.

The owner of the dog called the police and handed over the video footage.

Several days later, police told the dog owner that his neighbor will not be charged with a crime as it is perfectly legal to possess a bow and arrow.

The neighbor could still be forced to pay a fine for damaging the dog owner’s property.