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Man seen pleasuring himself in front of customers at Panera Bread

By Mason White 8:50 AM October 16, 2017
Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker
By: Tanya Clark

Police were called after a man was seen pleasuring himself in front of customers at a restaurant.

By the time police arrived at the Panera Bread in Florida, the suspect had left.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for the suspect, who was identified by surveillance video as 49-year-old Anthony Walker.

He is facing a charge of exposure of sexual organs.

However, since Walker is homeless, police were unable to locate him.

Now, three months after the incident unfolded, police found the suspect and he was arrested.

According to police, the incident occurred at about 3:30 p.m., inside the Panera Bread located at 11029 Pines Blvd.

Police said that two customers saw the man pleasuring himself at a table and notified employees.

Walker, who used to be a regular customer at the cafe, quickly left and he did not return since the incident.