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Mother and son serves maggot infested grilled chicken at restaurant

By Mason White 5:47 PM October 16, 2017
Maggots on Nando's grilled chicken
Maggots on Nando’s grilled chicken
By: Tanya Clark

A woman in Australia, said that she will never eat chicken again after a restaurant served her a maggot infested meal.

Emy Wamboi of Newcastle said that she and her 7-year-old son were hungry so they visited a Nando’s location.

She ordered the restaurant’s famous grilled chicken.

When she was served, Wamboi and her son noticed something strange.

They found a number of maggots crawling under the skin of the chicken.

She recorded the maggots crawling on her chicken and uploaded the video to the Internet.

ā€ˇWamboi wrote: “This is what I got served in Nando’s Kotara. Maggots.”

Wamboi showed the maggots to a manager, triggering an investigation by the company and the Newcastle City Council.

Wamboi was offered a full refund, but she said that she will not eat at the restaurant again.

Wamboi also sad that she was put off from eating chicken.

Nando’s apologized to Wamboi.

The company said that the maggots probably infested the chicken after the cooking process.

Nando’s wrote: “Hi Emy. We have responded to your post as follows. We are taking this seriously and currently investigating. We understand you were provided with an apology and a refund from the restaurant on the day.

“Members of our team have also tried to contact you a number of times and they will continue to do so. We have looked at the batch of chicken this came from and are certain there is no risk to other customers. We’re so sorry that you had this experience. Thanks, Liz.”

Nando’s is an international casual dining restaurant chain originating in South Africa.