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President of Iceland faints and breaks his nose after taking a very hot bath

By Mason White 5:40 PM October 16, 2017
Guoni Thorlacius Johannesson
Guoni Thorlacius Johannesson
By: Alexis Bell

The president of Iceland, fainted and fell to the ground while taking a very hot bath, according to his Facebook page.

49-year-old Guoni Thorlacius Johannesson of Reykjavik, who was elected to be the president last year, was taking a bath in his home on Wednesday when the water turned very hot.

Johannesson got up and felt faint.

He then lost his balance and fell to the ground.

He hit his forehead and broke his nose.

Johannesson was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he received stitches.

He did not suffer any lasting injuries.

Johannesson later updated his Facebook page, saying that he felt fine.

“A warm and cozy bath last night turned out to be too hot and cozy,” Johannesson wrote on Facebook.