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Pet groomer violently throws and chokes dog to death

By Mason White 10:22 AM October 17, 2017
Michelle Louise Root
Michelle Louise Root
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A community in Georgia, was left with many questions after a family lost their beloved pet at the hands of an alleged abusive pet groomer.

Shockingly, some former workers of the pet grooming business have come forward and said that they knew about the abuse.

The former workers claimed they told police that
41-year-old Michelle Louise Root, the owner of Paw’sh Paws, was abusing animals in her care.

However, for some reason, they did not feel the need to tell the community to stop bringing their dogs to the business and sadly, nothing was done until a dog died in the store.

According to the police report, the pet groomer is accused of kicking, dragging and choking a dog named Meko until it died.

Root was arrested on charges of animal cruelty.

According to the Cumming Police Department, an employee witnessed Root abusing 3-year-old Meko.

The witness said that she ran to the back of the store and saw Root kicking and choking the dog.

The worker, who was employed at the pet grooming shop for 2 months, claimed that she screamed for Root to stop the abuse.

However, Root ignored her and dragged Meko to the front of the store, hit the dog against the wall and choked it until it was unresponsive so she can finish grooming the animal.

When a friend of the dog owner went to pick up Meko, Root told him that the dog “must have had a seizure” and that it needed to go to the emergency room.

Meko was taken to an animal hospital and declared dead. A necropsy corroborated the witness statements that the dog was violently abused.

In addition, it was revealed that the dog had been dead for 10 to 30 minutes before being brought to the hospital.

Root was booked into Forsyth County Jail and was released after posting $5,630 cash bond.

A group of animal lovers and former customers gathered outside the store, where the 3-year-old dog took its last breath.

One woman said that learning about the abuse “made her want to cry” as she brought her dog to the groomer and she recommended Root to others.