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Woman forgets her resume at home where she tied up and robbed elderly woman

By Mason White 10:26 AM October 17, 2017
Lily B. Bodenlos (L) and Melissa Mimitz
Lily B. Bodenlos (L) and Melissa Mimitz
By: Mason White

Police were called after two women posed as workers from a cable television company to gain access into a home, where they robbed a woman.

Authorities in Massachusetts, said that 29-year-old Lily B. Bodenlos and an accomplice robbed the home of the elderly woman.

The women sprayed pepper spray on her face and tied her up before taking more than $8,000 in cash, several bottles of prescription pills and a key to the woman’s safe.

According to detectives, Bodenlos, who is from Naugatuck, Connecticut, forgot something very important in the house, her resume.

After arriving at the victim’s home, detectives in Springfield found a folder with Bodenlos’ history, telephone number and email address in the first-floor bathroom, according to the arrest report.

Three weeks later, Bodenlos and her accomplice, Melissa Mimitz, 37, from Newington, Connecticut, were arrested and charged with seven felony counts, including possession of firearms, armed robbery, possession of firearms, and kidnapping.

Mimitz reportedly knew the victim’s daughter who lived with her mother.