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Mother bakes 2 young sons alive in oven before sending father video of charred bodies

By Mason White 12:18 PM October 18, 2017
Lamora Williams and her sons
Lamora Williams and her sons
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A mother is accused of carrying out a horrific crime against her own two children.

The mother from Atlanta, Georgia, was arrested for killing her sons by cooking them alive in an oven, and then sending their father a video of the horrific scene.

Detectives said that 24-year-old Lamora Williams placed the boys, 2-year-old Ke’Younte and 1-year-old Ja’Karter, into the oven.

According to the arrest report, the single mother killed two of her four children by placing them in the oven and turning it on.

The official cause of death is pending an autopsy.

Williams called the boys’ father, Jameel Penn, on Friday night, to show him a live video of the crime scene, including the charred bodies. He quickly called 911.

Police removed the oven from the home as evidence. Williams was arrested on felony murder charges and was ordered to be held without bail in the Fulton County jail.

During an interview, Williams told police that she left the children in the care of a nanny and found them dead when she returned home.

Williams’ family said that she struggled with an undiagnosed mental health issue. Her mother asked prison officials to put her daughter on suicide watch as she may want to kill herself.

Williams’ 6-year-old daughter was placed in the care of her father’s family while the 3-year-old was placed with Penn, who is the father of Williams’ three younger children.