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4 social workers arrested for allowing man to torture boy to death because he believed child was gay

By Mason White 9:24 AM October 19, 2017
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man is on trial and is facing the death penalty for killing a young boy because he believed he was gay.

Four social workers were also arrested for failing to protect the boy from being tortured to death by his mother’s evil boyfriend.

The Department of Children and Family (DCF) social workers in Los Angeles, California, were charged with criminal negligence for not taking action to protect the boy from the home, where he was severely abused.

Court records described the horror that 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez suffered at the hands of his mother, Pearl Fernandez, and her boyfriend, 32-year-old Isauro Aguirre.

According to prosecutors, Aguirre, who worked as a security guard, did not like his girlfriend’s son Gabriel because he thought the boy was gay.

Prosecutors said that over a period of 8 months, the boy was tortured. His hands and feet were tied up and he was placed into a kitchen cabinet, where he stayed for many hours.

He was not given anything to eat, and after starving for many hours, the boy was fed cat litter.

The mother did not stop the abuse. Aguirre is accused of burning the child with cigarettes, whipping him, and shooting him with a pellet gun.

One day, the beating was so severe that the boy fell unconscious and was hospitalized. He died of his injuries two days later.

Defense attorney John Allan did not defend the murder.

In fact, he admitted that Aguirre is “guilty of murder, but the special circumstance alleging that he intended kill Gabriel with the infliction of torture, is not true,” Allan said.

Allan is trying to get a long prison sentence rather than the death penalty for his client.

The boy’s mother Pearl and the 4 social workers are still awaiting trial.