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Man with warrant out for his arrest tries to race another vehicle before discovering a deputy was behind the wheel

By Mason White 8:44 AM October 30, 2017
Eugene Thome
Eugene Thome
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A man’s foolish move on the road got him arrested.

40-year-old Eugene Thome of Indiana, picked the wrong car to challenge in a road race, according to police in LaPorte County.

A county police officer said he was driving an unmarked police car at around 7:15 p.m. when Thome drove up to him at a high speed.

The officer said he accelerated to create more space between the two cars. However, Thome sped up and passed the officer.

Thome then weaved in and out of traffic at speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour in an apparent attempt to get the deputy to race him.

The officer then activated the emergency lights. Thome drove into the yard of a residence and fled on foot.

The deputy chased Thome, caught him and took him into custody.

Thome told the officers that he wanted to engage the driver of the Dodge Charger in a street race. He did not realize it was an unmarked police cruiser until the emergency lights were activated.

Thome faces charges of operating a vehicle as a habitual offender and two counts of resisting law enforcement.

When asked why he ran from the officer, Thome admitted that he had a felony warrant for revocation.