83-year-old man drives from Canada to Florida to stalk 9-year-old boy he befriended online

By Mason White 9:15 AM October 26, 2017
Arthur F. Williams
Arthur F. Williams
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A couple called police after seeing a man acting strangely while sitting in his car outside of their home.

Police in Jackson County, Florida, said that they have arrested
83-year-old Arthur F. Williams from Ontario, Canada.

According to police, Williams had been stalking the couple’s 9-year-old son.

Over a period of several days, Williams followed the child and waited near his school bus stop. He also waved to the victim and tried to lure him to his car, but the boy refused.

One day, when the boy did not go to school, Williams went to the child’s home and waited outside for about 15 minutes.

During that time, the mother said she saw her son acting differently and he seemed very uncomfortable.

She confronted the boy who told his mother that he saw the same man at his bus stop several times during the past week.

When asked why he did not tell his parents about the encounters, the boy reportedly told his mother that he had been afraid and did not know what to do.

When the child’s father confronted Williams, he quickly drove away. The parents gave police the license plate number and they were able to locate the car.

Williams, who does not have any family or friends in the area, faces charges including prowling, enticing a child under 12, trespassing and aggravated stalking.

The boy denied knowing the man, but police believe that he may have provided the suspect with his home address and information during an online chat or gaming session while being under the impression that he was communicating with another child.