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American citizen travels to the Philippines with sex toys and masks to reenact Fifty Shades of Grey with minors

By Mason White 8:03 AM October 30, 2017
Robin Hoyt Alderman
Robin Hoyt Alderman
By: William Martin

A man from the United States was arrested in the Philippines as a result of a joint effort with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and local officials.

In a press conference, Philippine National Police (PNP) Superintendent Maria Shiela Portento said that 58-year-old Robin Hoyt Alderman, a yoga instructor, was arrested for attempting to sexually exploit children.

Alderman contacted an adult who connected him with three children, ages 14 and 15, via social media, and he spoke to them about acting out his fantasies of Fifty Shades of Grey with them.

His social media account was flagged and his activities were reported to authorities.

Alderman traveled to Vietnam and then to Manila, where he arranged to meet the minors.

He allegedly described on social media his plans to buy a motorcycle so he can abduct homeless children to rape them as well.

Portento showed off Alderman’s seized possessions that included a variety of sex toys, different face masks, cell phones, a laptop, and pills.

“We have reason to believe that apart from his sexual perversion, Alderman wanted to record the abuse so that he can sell videos online,” Tuliao said. Senior Superintendent Villamor Tuliao, who heads the WCPC Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division, said.

The three victims were placed under the protection of local social services.

Alderman was charged with violation of republic act 10365 or the expanded anti-human trafficking law.