College student defecated into dorm room washing machines while they were full of clothes

By Mason White 4:36 PM October 31, 2017
Woman head first in washing machine (illustration)
Woman head first in washing machine (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after several students claimed that someone defected into their washing machines while they were doing laundry, according to police in Illinois.

The Department of Public Safety at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale said that the incidents unfolded multiple times over the past 4 weeks.

Students at Abbot Hall told investigators that someone stopped the washing machines as they were doing laundry and defecated on their clothes.

One student said that after discovering feces in her washing machine, she was embarrassed to tell anybody, but now that the story was made public, she filed a complaint.

So far, 8 students have found feces on their clothes inside the washing machines.

At this point, no suspects have been identified.

Students have been counseled on group living.