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Couple set son on fire for crying while they were searching for sex partner to have threesome

By Mason White 10:26 AM October 27, 2017
Oliver and Jessica Schneider
Oliver and Jessica Schneider
By: Mason White

A couple in Germany was charged with attempted murder for setting their son on fire.

The mother is accused of pouring gasoline on their 5-year-old son before setting him on fire because he was crying while she and her husband were searching for a sex partner to have a threesome.

After the child suffered severe burns, the couple put out the flames, and they went back to looking for sexual partners online while the boy writhed in pain, the court heard.

The boy was not taken to a hospital for treatment until five days later when the mother went shopping with her son and a gas station convenience store clerk noticed his injuries and called the police.

Oliver and Jessica Schneider, both 37, were arrested and their five children were taken by child services.

The couple’s home was filthy and their 11-year-old daughter allegedly told police that her parents only cared about sex.

The couple was seen hugging each other on the first day of their attempted murder trial in Regensburg.

Prosecutor Ulrike Klein said that the boy will never be able to move one of his arms normally despite undergoing several operations.

The father faces life in prison while the mother is being treated at a psychiatric hospital.