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Couple wanted for sex crimes against teens arrested after 17 years on the run

By Mason White 11:30 AM October 20, 2017
Joseph Green and Chanell Warren
Joseph Green and Chanell Warren
By: Alexis Bell

A husband and wife of California, who were wanted for sex crimes, managed to hide from police for 17 years before they were finally arrested.

The couple who founded a private school in Crenshaw, a suburb of Los Angeles, fled after authorities charged them with 13 sex crimes against minors.

52-year-old Joseph Green and and his wife, Chanell Warren, 43, were arrested in Florida after a joint investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI, and local police.

According to police, Green moved from Lancaster, where he was registered as a sex offender, to Crenshaw, where he used fake names in order to evade police detection.

In 1998, the couple founded a private school, saying they wanted to improve education for inner-city students.

Green claimed that he served in the Air Force and earned a master’s degree in social work from Dallas Baptist University.

However, after his arrest, police said that they found no record of military service or of him attending the university.

During a school trip, the couple invited a 16-year-old student to sleep with them. The student later told classmates that she had sex with the couple.

Police further allege that while they ran the Enlightened Minds School, the couple posted ads on Craigslist, looking for teens to join them for sex.

Green was ordered to register as a sex offender for molesting a minor in 1996. In that case, Green pleaded no contest to one count of sexual battery and was sentenced to two years in prison.