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Daycare workers on the run after recording themselves abusing an autistic child

By Mason White 7:48 AM October 23, 2017
Alexus Henderson (L) and Kaderrica Smith
Alexus Henderson (L) and Kaderrica Smith
By: Tanya Clark

Daycare workers are on the run after Florida police issued an arrest warrants for them.

This came after a video surfaced of them berating, taunting and throwing a backpack at an 8-year-old autistic child.

Winter Haven Police received information about the Snapchat video that had been posted, showing 26-year-old Kaderrica Smith and 19-year-old Alexus Henderson abusing the child.

In the distressing video, the boy was taunted and tripped by Henderson. The boy hid and was heard crying.

One of the workers was seen throwing a pair of shoes into the child’s face and as he cried out in pain, she threw a backpack at him.

During the three-minute video, the second teacher was heard laughing as the boy was verbally and physically abused.

After the video went viral, both Henderson and Smith defended themselves and said that “they felt they were acting appropriately and they did nothing wrong.”

Both teachers, who received their teaching certificates last month, were fired from their jobs.

DCF placed a hold on their certifications so they could not be re-employed by any entity working with children while the investigation was being conducted.

When the teachers learned that charges were brought against them and they were wanted, they left their homes.

“Multiple attempts to locate Henderson and Smith have been met with negative results, therefore, warrants for their arrests have been obtained,” police said

Smith is facing charges of battery and child abuse. Henderson is being charged with child neglect.