Factory worker cooked alive in hot caramel while she was cleaning industrial size mixing bowl

By Mason White 5:03 PM October 25, 2017
Natalia Nemets
Natalia Nemets
By: William Martin

A loyal factory worker lost her life in a horrible workplace accident, according to police in Russia.

Belgorod police said that 36-year-old Natalia Nemets was cleaning an industrial size bowl mixer at the Slavyanka confectionery factory on Friday.

Suddenly, hot caramel began pouring into the mixing bowl, which had fast-moving blades.

Nemets’ colleagues watched in horror as she was slowly cooked alive in the caramel.

Police and firefighters arrived at the scene and drained the bowl from the caramel but Nemets was already dead.

The caramel was 212 degrees.

Nemets left behind her heartbroken husband and 10-year-old son Ivan.

Police are investigating Slavyanka for negligence.