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Funeral home worker had sex with prostitute while grieving family was in next room

By Mason White 8:26 AM October 30, 2017
The mortician with the prostitute
The mortician with the prostitute
By: Emily Lewis

A mortician at a funeral home in the United Kingdom, is in hot water for disrespecting his work place.

Owners of the Co-op Funeralcare home in Manchester, began an investigation after a prostitute posted photos of her sexual encounter on social media.

One photo was of the woman with the funeral home worker and another was of her standing outside of the funeral home.

The prostitute admitted to having sex with the mortician inside the funeral home.

According to her, the unnamed mortician hired her through the Adultwork website.

He paid her £60 ($79) for the sexual encounter at the funeral home.

The woman said that she had sex in some unusual places but the funeral home took the cake.

The mortician allegedly offered the woman to have sex inside a coffin, but she refused.

The woman said that at one point during their sex romp, people entered the funeral home. “He got dressed and told me to wait and locked the door,” the prostitute said.

“A few minutes later, he came back in and said they were grieving family members,” she added.

The woman said that it felt very weird to have sex while the family sat in a room just a few feet away.

She added that she returned to the funeral home the next day, where she was again paid for sex, but this time the place was empty.

The funeral home worker was suspended from his job.