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Hospital worker steals $2,000 necklace from dead patient and pawns it

By Mason White 7:46 AM October 22, 2017
Reiner Padron Molina
Reiner Padron Molina
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A family in Florida, called police after an expensive gold chain went missing from their loved one while at a hospital.

Cape Coral police arrested a hospital employee who was accused of stealing the necklace, which was valued at nearly $2,000, from a dead patient he had been caring for.

20-year-old Reiner Padron Molina was arrested for stealing the necklace after the patient died at Cape Coral Hospital.

Police used a pawn shop database and found that Molina sold the necklace to Cape Jewelry & Pawn.

The pawn shop owner, Todd Koskinas, said that he gave the suspect $500 for the necklace after he signed a form stating that he owned the piece of jewelry.

Police have now seized the necklace. Koskinas said that he will likely have to go to small claims court to get the money back from Molina.

Authorities are now investigating the suspect to find out if he stole jewelry from other patients in his care before this incident.

Molina faces charges including grand theft and dealing in stolen property.