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Lawyer arrested for giving female inmate business cards covered in men’s cologne

By Mason White 8:40 AM October 30, 2017
Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A lawyer is behind bars after being accused of helping inmates buy and sell drugs behind bars.

Attorney Greg Wilson of Florida was arrested after authorities said he was seen on video taking small packages of drugs from one inmate and later handing them to others.

Wilson met with one client in prison. He allegedly took the drugs from the client and kept them in his possession. When his next client, the intended buyer, came to see him, Wilson handed the drugs to her.

Furthermore, deputies said a female inmate informed them that Wilson handed her business cards that were soaked with cologne.

According to police, he did so about 6 times. He asked the woman to hand the cards to female inmates “so they could have the smell of a man in their cell.”

Attorney Al Sauline, who worked with Wilson at the State Attorney’s office, said: “something’s not right when you bring business cards that are sprayed with cologne into a jail.

“Either someone is trying to create some sort of relationship with an inmate or maybe they are covering up another scent or something, but that just doesn’t pass the common sense test.”

Wilson denied any involvement in the passing of contraband to inmates despite authorities claims that his actions were caught on surveillance cameras.