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Man eats 5 pounds of worms to get free gold bar

By Mason White 3:48 PM October 26, 2017
Woman holding plate of fried insects (illustration)
Woman holding plate of fried insects (illustration)
By: William Martin

A man in China managed to eat about 5 pounds of insects in order to win a gold bar.

A competition was held on Sunday, in Yunnan.

Many people signed up to compete for the free gold bar.

Participants were given a bowl of fried worms and had 5 minutes to eat as many as possible.

The person eating the most fried insects was promised a gold bar worth around $1,250.

When the bell rang, some participants closed their eyes while stuffing their mouths as they were afraid to look at what they were eating.

After five minutes, Peng from Chongqing managed to down 5 pounds of insects, which included worms, locusts, dragonflies, and silkworm.

He immediately got his gold bar.

A woman from Guangdong, came in second place, eating just over 1 pound.

She said that despite being used to eating insects at home, she had to stop because the worms tasted really bad and were too dry.