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Man kills pregnant estranged wife when she refused to get back with him because he had a mistress

By Mason White 12:46 PM October 18, 2017
Sirinporn Chumboonchu after the shooting
Sirinporn Chumboonchu after the shooting
By: Alexis Bell

A soldier in Thailand, was arrested for murdering his wife in front of horrified shoppers inside a supermarket.

41-year-old Pichet Chumboonchu was stalking his pregnant wife before fatally shooting her in the middle of the supermarket after she asked for a divorce.

Sirinporn Chumboonchu, 40, separated from her husband earlier this month after learning that he was having an affair with a mistress.

The woman left her home in Kanchanaburi, and stayed with her family members.

Pichet was furious that she left and stalked her.

Pichet confronted his estranged wife while she was shopping and he demanded that she get back with him.

When she refused, Pichet shot his wife three times in the back. Witnesses ran over to help her and performed life-saving measures until emergency workers arrived.

One stray bullet hit 7-year-old Kumpoon Poonitanitrat in the foot and another stray bullet hit store employee Phothisa wan Rudda, 32, in the chest.

Sirinporn was rushed to a hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. The store employee is still in critical condition at Udon Thani Hospital, while the boy was treated and released.

Pichet was shot in the chest during the incident with his own gun. Police do not believe that he attempted to commit suicide.

According to their investigation, police believe that the 9mm automatic weapon jammed and he then fired a round that hit him.