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Man pulls down pants and sits on beehive after being offered $1,000

By Mason White 4:58 PM October 17, 2017
Jamie Granger sitting on beehive for $1,000
Jamie Granger sitting on beehive for $1,000
By: William Martin

A man in New Zealand, received many bee stings on his backside after sitting on a beehive for more than 30 seconds, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

27-year-old Jamie Granger of Tauranga works as a beekeeper.

One day, Granger’s friend Aurel Braguta, promised the beekeeper $1,000 if he could remove his pants and sit on one of his beehives for 30 seconds.

Granger did not want to let an easy $1,000 slip through his hands so he quickly dropped his pants and sat down on the beehive.

Granger said that it was very painful to be stung by so many bees at the same time.

He pulled through for 30 seconds, and he got his $1,000.

Braguta recorded the stunt and uploaded the video to the Internet, where it went viral.

Braguta also challenged his colleague Shane to sit on the beehive for 30 seconds in exchange for $1,000.

Shane pulled down his pants and sat on the beehive.

After 19 seconds, the pain became unbearable and he ran away.

Shane did not receive any compensation for suffering from the bee bites because he filed to remain seated for 30 seconds.