Man recorded himself roasting puppy alive before eating it

By Mason White 11:58 AM October 20, 2017
Roasting the dog, Jin confronting man (R)
Roasting the dog, Jin confronting man (R)
By: Tanya Clark

A man recorded himself roasting a puppy alive while at work so he can eat it for lunch.

The video was uploaded to the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The disturbing video showed a man standing over a makeshift grill and holding the dog by a string over a fire.

The puppy was heard barking for some time as it was being cooked. After a few minutes, the dog stopped barking.

The man then showed off the dog that was decapitated and cut into pieces.

An animal lover went to great lengths to track down the man who roasted the dog alive.

The animal lover, who is a school teacher and identified herself as 34-year-old Jin, said that she was very disturbed when she received the horrific video from one of her followers.

Jin of Jiujiang, runs an animal rights social media account. She shared photos of the incident and asked people to help her identify the man.

Jin said that people identified the man as a worker at a Jiujiang Power Supply company.

Jin tracked down the man. She and other animal lovers confronted the man. He claimed that he roasted the animal “because he wanted to eat it.”

During the conversation, a physical clash broke out among the animal lovers, the man and his colleagues.

Officers from the Changhong Police station were called to the scene.

They took the man and Jin into custody for questioning.

However, no charges were filed against anyone and both parties were released by police.

According to Jason Baker, PETA Asia Vice President, China does not have many laws to protect animals such as dogs and cats.

Animal lovers hope that after seeing the video of the horrific animal abuse, government officials will change that.