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Man rips skin of penis after girlfriend bent over to watch X Factor on TV while having sex

By Mason White 3:56 PM October 30, 2017
Allan Blake and Emma Pearce
Allan Blake and Emma Pearce
By: William Martin

A man of the United Kingdom suffered a painful injury on his penis after his girlfriend maneuvered her body to get a better view of their television while they were having sex.

28-year-old Allan Blake and 34-year-old Emma Pearce, both of Cornwall, said that they were shocked to see blood all over while having sex on their couch.

The incident unfolded while Pearce was watching the X Factor on television.

Blake walked into the room and said that he was in the mood for having sex.

Pearce agreed but she continued to watch the television show while Blake was busy with her.

At some point, Blake’s head was blocking the television.

That is when Pearce bent over to get a better view of the television screen.

Moments later, Blake cried out in pain and they saw blood running all over.

Pearce and Blake rushed to the bathroom, where they called for help.

Blake was told to take painkillers and wrap his penis in a cloth to stop swelling.

Two days later, Blake went to the doctor, who told him that he ripped the skin of his penis.

The doctor warned the couple to have sex until Blake’s penis healed.

Pearce said that it took about a month for Blake to be able to have sex again.

Blake decided that he will not have sex when his girlfriend is busy watching television.