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Man throws rock at police cruiser so he can go to jail with 8 Kinder eggs in his rectum

By Mason White 7:55 AM October 22, 2017
Damian O’Reilly
Damian O’Reilly
By: Mason White

A man who wanted to go to jail decided to throw a rock at a police cruiser to get the officers’ attention.

20-year-old Damian O’Reilly of Canada was looking to make a profit by selling drugs to prisoners at 10 times the market price.

In order to do so, O’Reilly hid drugs inside 8 Kinder eggs, which is a chocolate egg with a hollow inside that contains a surprise toy for kids, and then inserting them into his rectum.

In order to sell his products to inmates at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, O’Reilly knew he had to be arrested first, which was not very difficult since he was on parole.

He deliberately threw a rock at a patrol car that was outside a courthouse and sure enough, his plan worked and he was arrested.

Although at first, the plan went smoothly, it began to unravel when a prison guard realized that O’Reilly seemed to be uncomfortable.

Following this suspicion, O’Reilly was escorted to a dry cell, which is an empty room that has no plumbing so that drugs cannot be flushed.

O’Reilly voluntarily gave up the drugs. He handed over the 8 Kinder Surprise eggs, which police said was filled with marijuana, tobacco, matches and rolling papers.

O’Reilly pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and was sentenced to two years in prison.