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Man who failed to get deal on Shark Tank found dead in river

By Mason White 6:05 PM October 16, 2017
Phillip Reitnour
Phillip Reitnour
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Police in Pennsylvania, were called after a body was seen floating in a river.

A recovery team went to the Schuylkill River near Walnut Street in Philadelphia, where they found the body.

The body was pulled from the river and taken to the medical examiner’s office for identification and cause of death.

The man was identified as 58-year-old Phillip Reitnour.

According to some reports, when the body was found, it appeared to have had a gunshot wound to the forehead.

The medical examiner had not yet released an official cause of death.

Reitnour, who was a businessman, had high hopes for his company EmergenSee, and he appeared on the famous television show Shark Tank.

In 2014, Reitnour and Jason Friedberg pitched their business idea to the investors on the Shark Tank. They were seeking $250,000 in exchange for 10 percent ownership of their app EmergenSee.

EmergenSee is a personal safety app, which according to the company, is a personal security system that can instantly notify loved ones or first responders via live stream video and GPS data if the user finds themselves in any type of danger.

Reitnour said at the time, the app was popular with real estate agents who show homes to strangers.

The Sharks declined to invest in the company.

Sadly, things seemed to go downhill for Reitnour. Court records reveal that he was $3 million in debt and he was being sued at the time of his death.