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Man who raped and killed dog arrested again for having sex with horse

By Mason White 10:14 AM October 27, 2017
Steven Errante
Steven Errante
By: Emily Lewis

A man in New York was arrested for raping a horse on at least two occasions.

30-year-old Steven Errante, 30, of Long Island, had a history of cruelty to animals.

Police were investigating Errante after he failed to register as an animal abuser following an incident in 2013 in which he raped a dog before beating the animal to death.

During their visit to Errante’s house, the detectives somehow learned that he had two sexual encounters with horses at a stable on Pine Acres Boulevard in Dix Hills, authorities said.

Errante was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual misconduct with an animal and failure to register for the Suffolk County Animal Abuse Offenders Registry.

In December 2013, Errante, then 26, made headlines when he was arrested for attacking a dog, which he had stolen from a kennel behind a church.