Man with terminal cancer will likely die behind bars after trying to rob elderly couple to pay for his own funeral

By Mason White 9:21 AM October 26, 2017
Alan Spendlow
Alan Spendlow
By: Mason White

A man of the United Kingdom, was jailed after he was found guilty of breaking into an elderly couple’s home.

60-year-old Alan Spendlow of Yorkshire admitted in court to breaking into the home so that he can steal jewelry.

Spendlow, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told that he had less than two years to live, wanted to sell the jewelry to pay for his own funeral.

The court heard that Spendlow, who is a career criminal, used a crowbar to break into the couple’s home.

When the 75-year-old homeowner came home, he found that his house had been broken into.

He called two neighbors for help as he feared that the burglar was still in his home.

The neighbors went inside, where they confronted Spendlow, who was wielding a crowbar.

After a violent confrontation, the neighbors were able to tackle Spendlow. They held him down until police arrived.

Defense attorney Claire Holmes told the Hull Crown Court that his client committed the burglary after he was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer.

“He wanted to get money to put aside for his funeral in order not to burden his family,” Holmes said.

Spendlow was facing 3 years in prison.

Holmes told the court that “it is highly unlikely that his client will survive a three-year sentence” and that the defendant “wants to spend the rest of the time he has left with his family.”

Spendlow already lost four months with his children and grandchildren as he has been incarcerated since his arrest.

Spendlow was sentenced to 34 months behind bars. He must serve at least half before he can be considered for parole.