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McDonald’s apologizes after Facebook post showing cockroach legs in coffee went viral

By Mason White 8:43 AM October 23, 2017
The coffee with the legs
The coffee with the legs
By: William Martin

A man took to social media to express his concerns over the health and safety standards at a McDonald’s in Thailand.

Facebook user Nostalgic Eik of Bangkok, posted a photo of his coffee that contained little pieces, which he described as “cockroach legs,” floating inside.

He wrote: “Yesterday, I went to eat at the McDonald’s outlet in Tesco Lotus Rama 4, and I found it to be in this condition. Feel bad.”

He added that at first, he assumed that the cockroach had been stuck in the cup before the coffee was poured into it so he took it to the employee and asked for a new cup of coffee.

“I was given a new cup of coffee, but it seemed that the problem remained.

“When the staff member saw the cup with the legs, he
looked at another employee and ordered him to wash the machine.

“When I heard this, I felt worse. I expect McDonald’s to have good standards and to clean their equipment,” Eik wrote.

He added that he was also shocked that the employee who handed over the contaminated coffee, did not notice the “cockroach legs” in the cup before handing it to him.

McDonald’s Thailand posted a statement on Facebook, apologizing to Eik for the incident.

They assured customers that all of its employees follow the fast-food chain’s safety standards and that the machine was taken away from the location and will be sent for inspection.