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Mother burned her 2 children alive before committing suicide because she was tired of living a poor life

By Mason White 4:44 PM October 19, 2017
Fire (illustration)
Fire (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Police launched an investigation after a young mother killed her two children because she was tired of living a poor life, according to police in India.

Mumbai police said that the charged the woman with murder after burning her two children alive.

After her two children were burned to death, 29-year-old Anita Ajay Kumar Kanojiya poured gasoline on herself.

She then set herself on fire.

Her husband told police that he and his wife had been married for 4 years.

Recently, his wife had been complaining about her poor living conditions, but he could not help her as he already worked full time.

On Saturday morning, when her husband went to work, Anita poured gasoline on her two children, 9-month-old Durgesh and 2-year-old Nandin, and set them on fire.

When she was sure that they were dead, Anita poured gasoline on herself and she burned to death.

A neighbor who saw smoke coming from the home knocked on the door, and when nobody answered, she went to alert Anita’s husband.

The husband came home with the police.

The officers went inside and found the three charred bodies.