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Mother dies after getting head stuck in window bars while smoking

By Mason White 8:03 AM October 22, 2017
Kimmy Varma
Kimmy Varma
By: Tanya Clark

A family is mourning the death of a mother of three grown children who died in a freak accident.

64-year-old Kimmy Varma of Cheltenham, England, died after putting her head between decorative window bars in her apartment.

Varma’s estranged husband, Anil, 63, believes that she poked her head out of the window while smoking because she did want the cigarette smell inside her home.

Varma was on the top floor of her home when she went to smoke a cigarette.

She had also been drinking, and it is believed that this contributed to her inability to free herself once she was trapped.

She then choked to death.

A jogger who spotted her hanging out of the window called police.

Officers broke the door to the home and tried to save the woman. They removed her from the window, but she was no longer alive.

An autopsy revealed that she was dead for two hours before the jogger spotted her hanging out the window and called police.

An inquest heard that Varma frantically battled to free herself by grabbing at the curtains near the window. However, her neck was trapped by a curve in the ­decorative bars and she choked to death.

Varma was born in Los Angeles, California. She later moved to the U.K. Her first grandchild was born in January.