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Parents furious after teacher threw x-rated themed birthday party in school

By Mason White 7:45 AM October 23, 2017
Birthday party (illustration)
Birthday party (illustration)
By: William Martin

Parents are demanding to know who brought adult themed party favors to a school party in Florida.

The teacher threw a surprise birthday party for a teenage student at the Mater Lakes Academy in Hialeah.

The party was held by a dance teacher during an after-school program. The youngest girl was just 11-years-old.

Someone took graphic videos of the party that show students wearing hats with male genitalia, which were outfitted with a string to erect the manhood.

They also had rubber manhoods and candles in the shape of a man’s private parts.

The birthday boy was presented with a cake that contained a huge lollipop that was supposed to look like a woman’s private part.

The lollipop was of oval shape, a yellow color and red in the center.

Parents were furious over the incident at the private school.

One mother, who is a Miami-Dade County school teacher, said that her young daughter was left so traumatized by the incident that she woke up crying during the night.

Although the dance teacher has been fired, one mother called police and she wants charges to be filed against the educator.