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Photos show bride performing sex acts on groom at Greek monastery

By Mason White 10:22 AM October 19, 2017
Carly and Matthew Lunn
Carly and Matthew Lunn
By: Emily Lewis

A bride and groom of the United Kingdom, are facing backlash for taking sexually explicit photos on the property of a monastery in Greece.

The Monastery of St. Paul in Rhodes, was a popular place where foreigners held their weddings.

However, this has changed after the bride and groom were accused of disrespecting the sacred place.

Matthew Lunn, 27, and his newlywed wife, Carly, 34, both from Birmingham, wanted to pose for unique photos that reflected their sense of humor.

A family member took explicit photos of the couple while they were standing on the monastery’s property.

The photos show the groom standing with his pants down to his ankles and his boxer shorts just under his knees while the bride was kneeling in front of him in her white dress and performing a sex act.

The photos were uploaded to Facebook, where they went viral and caused outrage with locals.

The couple claims that things were “blown out of proportion,” but the locals did not take it lightly and church officials banned all foreign weddings until further notice.

Many brides and grooms are furious over the decision to close the monastery to foreign weddings due to the irresponsible actions of one couple.

Mandy Jackson, 30, and her fiance, Daniel Gaynor, 32, were affected by the ban. They are looking into the possibility of suing Matthew and Carly Lunn for ruining their special day.

The couple said that they were saving money for years for their wedding, which was supposed to take place at the monastery in August 2018. “That won’t be happening now because of this stupid immature disrespectful couple,” they said.