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Police called to home after brother and two sisters fought over toilet paper

By Mason White 4:12 PM October 19, 2017
Toilet paper (illustration)
Toilet paper (illustration)
By: William Martin

Police officers were called to a home to intervene in a fight among siblings about toilet paper, according to police in Florida.

Panama City police said that the incident unfolded last week, at a home located on Cluster Road.

Police officers who responded to the scene were greeted by the mother of a man and his two sisters.

The mother reported that her son and one of her daughters began arguing about the toilet paper in the bathroom.

The argument escalated, and eventually, her other daughter joined the fight.

Fearing for her children’s well-being, the mother decided to call the police to defuse the situation.

Police managed to calm the siblings down and left the scene.

No injuries were reported, and no charges have been filed.