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Police officer fired for inviting stripper he arrested to his home for sex while his daughter was there

By Mason White 12:30 PM October 18, 2017
Deputy Brian Britt and Dane’jah Scott
Deputy Brian Britt and Dane’jah Scott
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A 17-year veteran deputy lost his job after he allowed two strippers to come to his home to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

In a press release, police said that Deputy Brian Britt, 45, responded to a call at a residence in St. Petersburg, Florida, to arrest 18-year-old Dane’jah Scott for the charge of domestic battery.

When he arrived at the home, Deputy Britt’s located Scott who was wearing only a towel at the time.

Deputy Britt followed the female into the home and allowed her to retrieve her identification and get dressed in the bathroom, police said.

While in the bathroom, there was a second female taking a shower.

Scott, who has a long criminal history, was taken into custody.

While waiting for the arrival of the jail transport van, Britt removed the suspect’s handcuffs and had an “inappropriate flirtatious conversation,” according to police.

Britt questioned Scott about her and her friend’s jobs as strippers at a nightclub.

Britt continued to have inappropriate contact with Scott, using his department-issued phone to send flirtatious text messages and set up a date to visit with the suspect and her friend who he saw in the shower.

Britt offered Scott $100 to come to his home to have a “conversation,” and she agreed.

After she was released from jail, Scott and her friend went to the deputy’s home. Investigators said that Britt’s 11-year-old daughter was sleeping in the other room.

Scott told police about the incident on a later date when she was questioned over an unrelated incident.

She told police that Britt wanted to pay her to have his sexual fantasies fulfilled. The woman added that Britt began touching her legs, but she did not like it because she was promised $100 just for a conversation.

As a result of the administrative investigation, Deputy Britt was terminated this week.

Britt denied the allegations made against him. He said that his reputation was ruined on television when police chose to give a public press conference.