Restaurant delivery guy seen on video eating customer’s food before spitting it back into container

By Mason White 8:22 AM October 29, 2017
The delivery guy eating the food
The delivery guy eating the food
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A customer who ordered food from a restaurant in China, asked his building management to review surveillance videos after suspecting that the food was tampered with.

The customer was horrified by what he saw and decided to share the video as a warning to others.

The surveillance camera from inside the elevator in the residential building showed the delivery guy eating the food before giving it to the family as if nothing happened.

The delivery guy was seen entering the elevator wearing a helmet and carrying the bag of food.

Once inside the elevator, the man crouched down and began eating the food. He used chopsticks to eat several mouthfuls of food.

Moments before the elevator reached the 20th floor, the delivery guy was seen spitting some of the food back into the customer’s food container.

He then tied the bag and handed the contaminated food over to the customer.

After the video was uploaded to social media, the restaurant released a statement, saying that the delivery man was fired from his job.