Rich prostitute killed more than 100 men by putting poisonous cream on their private parts

By Mason White 3:50 PM October 26, 2017
Prostitute (illustration)
Prostitute (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A rich prostitute in Ghana, shocked her nation by calling into a radio show and confessing to killing more than 100 men.

36-year-old Katerine Obenewaa of Labone called Bryt FM and said that she contributed to the death of at least 100 clients and 70 men became impotent.

Obenewaa revealed that while having sex with her clients, she put a poisonous cream on them, causing their deaths or rendering them impotent.

Obenewaa began working as a prostitute at the age of 16.

She needed money as her parents divorced and they refused to support her.

At first, she served clients in her neighborhood, but then she met Elizabeth Opeyemi, who introduced to international markets.

She began having encounters with rich men from Nigeria, Benin, and Togo, and she amassed a large fortune.

She used the money to purchase property in Ghana.

Recently, Obenewaa decided to engage in spiritual healing as she was disgusted from her life as a prostitute.

She was introduced to Alhaji Abugri of Benin, who helped her heal.

Obenewaa continued to meet with clients, but after having sex, she put cream on their private parts.

So far, Obenewaa confessed to killing 100 men and causing 70 clients to become impotent.

Police launched an investigation after learning about the prostitute’s confession.