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Scottish man gets 3 months prison for touching another man’s hips at Dubai bar

By Mason White 4:16 PM October 23, 2017
Jamie Harron
Jamie Harron
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A man from Scotland, who was visiting the United Arab Emirates, was shocked to be charged with public indecency just for touching a man’s hips at a bar in Dubai.

27-year-old Jamie Harron of Stirling was also charged with alcohol consumption after admitting to drinking alcohol at the Rock Bottom Bar.

Harron was sentenced to serve 30 days in prison for drinking alcohol and making a rude gesture.

He was facing up to 3 years in prison for touching another man on the hips at the bar.

Harron was released from the Al Barsha prison on bail, but his passport was taken from him.

Harron needs to stay in Dubai until the end of his criminal case.

Harron admitted to touching the man on the hips but he did not mean it in a sexual way.

He claimed that the bar was very crowded when he got himself a drink.

In order to avoid spilling the drink while moving through the crowded bar, Harron kept one hand in front of him to warn others.

When he reached the accuser, who was identified as a man from Germany, Harron placed his hand on the man’s hip to make sure the drink does not spill on him.

However, the man called the police and filed a complaint against Harron for touching him in an indecent manner.

Harron was relieved to hear that the man eventually dropped the complaint, but prosecutors decided to go ahead with the case without the complainant.

Harron was sentenced to 3 months in prison and will be deported.

Harron plans to appeal the sentence.

Update: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, who is the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, issued a pardon, canceling the conviction and prison sentence.

Harron’s passport was returned to him and he is free to leave the country.