Tourist arrested for jumping into pool during dolphin show to save the animals

By Mason White 11:02 AM October 24, 2017
Dolphin show (illustration)
Dolphin show (illustration)
By: William Martin

Two animal lovers were arrested for obstructing a dolphin show in Japan.

The two activists were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of obstructing the dolphin show by diving into a pool of water during a presentation at a zoological theme park in Wakayama, police said.

According to police, 32-year-old Petrus Johannes Martinus Janssen, who is from the Netherlands, was monitoring the dolphin hunting in Taiji for about a week before he left the city.

Janssen eventually returned with 23-year-old Kirsten De Kimpe, who is from Belgium.

The two were watching the show when they suddenly dived into the pool of water during the performance and held up a sign protesting the death of dolphins in Taiji.

Their actions stopped the afternoon show at Adventure World in Shirahama.

Officers were called to the park and arrested the foreign activists.