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Wedding crasher beaten by bridesmaids for attacking her boyfriend who was there with another woman

By Mason White 10:11 AM October 27, 2017
Shelby McDowell
Shelby McDowell
By: Tanya Clark

Police were called to a wedding hall in Florida after a woman, who was uninvited, assaulted a couple.

When officers arrived, they learned that the woman poured a drink for her boyfriend and punched his female companion in the face.

The man, who was deified as Darby Johns, claimed that he and the suspect, 20-year-old Shelby McDowell of Lake Butler, had broken up and were no longer a couple.

However, McDowell denied the fact that they were broken up.

McDowell arrived at the Hammock Beach Resort to spy on her boyfriend who was invited as a guest to a wedding by another woman.

When McDowell spotted Johns walking to the dance floor with the other woman who was one of the bridesmaids, she lost her cool.

McDowell claimed that she saw her boyfriend kissing the other woman who was identified as Crystal Munoz, 25, a claim that he denied.

After assaulting Munoz, McDowell ran into a bathroom stall. A group of bridesmaids pulled her out and beat her up. Hotel security broke up the fight.

McDowell was booked at Flagler County Jail on a misdemeanor battery charge. She was later released on her own recognizance.