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Woman goes wild trying to jump into river after accidentally dropping her phone

By Mason White 10:25 AM October 19, 2017
The woman trying to jump overboard
The woman trying to jump overboard
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A woman’s trip on a cruise ship with some friends turned chaotic when she accidentally dropped her phone in a lake.

A passenger took video of the woman as she was going crazy while trying to jump overboard when her cell phone fell into the lake in China.

The woman struggled like a madman to free herself from the grip of her friends who were trying to keep her from jumping overboard to retrieve her phone.

According to the male passenger who uploaded the video to the Internet, they were on a cruise on the scenic Erhai Lake in Yunnan.

For more than a minute, the distressed woman tried desperately to throw herself overboard while a group of people gathered and prevented her from doing so.

They also tried talking some sense into her and to convince her not to risk her life over a cell phone.

At one point, the distressed woman’s friend berated the man for taking a video of the incident.

According to witnesses, the cruise ship workers tried to retrieve the woman’s cell phone from the water that was about 22 feet deep, but their efforts were not successful.

One Chinese social media user said that perhaps the woman was not upset about losing her phone, but rather about losing her ability to send photos and videos to her friends on WeChat.

“Without that, what is the point of traveling?” The user wrote.