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Woman rips eye out of good Samaritan who allowed her to stay at her home

By Mason White 9:36 AM October 19, 2017
Emily Brinson
Emily Brinson
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A family is very angry that their mother was blinded in one eye
at the hands of a woman she helped.

55-year-old Emily Brinson helped 28-year-old Quaneisha Knight, and allowed her to move into her home.

According to her children, they considered Knight a sister and they gave her money when she needed.

Sadly, the good deeds backfired when Knight severely injured their mother.

One night, an argument broke out between Knight and a neighbor. The neighbor was upset that Knight was being too loud.

During the disturbance with their neighbor, Brinson intervened and Knight attacked her.

According to the police report: “Knight put her hands around Brinson’s neck, choked her, and used her fingers to gouge Brinson’s eye out one of the sockets.”

Brinson was taken to a hospital, where she underwent surgery, but doctors were unable to save her eye.

During questioning, Knight denied the allegations of violence and claimed that Brinson’s eye was injured when she fell.

Knight was charged with aggravated battery and was ordered to stay away from the victim.