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10-year-old YouTuber devastated when none of her 3,000 fans showed up to meet and greet

By Tanya Clark 5:33 AM November 13, 2017

A young girl was left devastated after fans promised to come to a meet and greet, which she arranged, but no one showed up.

The Russian student named Alina said that she was looking forward to meeting face to face with some of her 3,000 YouTube subscribers.

She planned a special day at a park in Nizhnekamsk so that she can get to know her fans and take some pictures with them.

Alina said that 20 people confirmed they will be coming to the meet and greet, but despite the “promises,” no one showed up.

Alina cried as she made an emotional video after the incident

Alina said that she brought candy, and prepared riddles and prizes for her fans.

However, she waited in the park for 30 minutes, but unfortunately, nobody came.

In the heartbreaking video that was translated from Russian, Alina said: “I am very upset because, in the comments, more than 20 people wrote that they were coming. I was waiting there for 30 minutes but no one came.

“I checked all around the park, but to no avail.

“Please don’t lie to me like that ever again. I am really, truly, very upset. I beg you not to lie to me like that.

“I was expecting to see many people and bought a lot of candy. I made riddles and brought prizes for those who guessed them right.

“I thought we’d have fun, take pictures together and I would finally see my friends and subscribers, but you treated me like this.”

Since this incident, Alina has recorded two more videos and she gained a lot more followers. She now has 310,000 subscribers.

In her videos, Alina records herself making art and crafts, tasting new food, and showing off toys.