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15 people crushed to death while pushing and shoving at free food distribution center

By Alexis Bell 1:28 PM November 22, 2017
Food distribution (illustration)

More than a dozen people have died and many others were injured after people fought to get to the front of the line at a free food distribution center, according to police in Morocco.

Essaouira police have confirmed that 15 people were crushed to death and 40 suffered injuries earlier this week at the annual free food distribution event of a private charity.

Witnesses at the scene said that this year, a large crowd of hundreds of people gathered to get free food.

Most in the crowd were women and elderly men.

Some witnesses estimated that there were 800 people waiting in line to get free food.

When people in the crowd began to fear that there might not be enough food for everyone, they started pushing and shoving one another to get in front of the line.

During the stampede, 15 people were crushed to death and 40 were injured.

Some of those injured were flown to a hospital in Marrakech.

King Muhammed VI said that he was shocked by the tragic turn of events.

He offered to personally pay for the funerals and medical expenses for all those who were affected by the tragedy.

Police launched an investigation to determine who was responsible for the stampede, but so far, no charges have been filed.