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16-year-old mother kills newborn daughter moments after giving birth by stuffing rock down her throat

By Emily Lewis 1:02 PM November 12, 2017
Newborn baby (illustration)

A teenager who hid her pregnancy from family and friends killed her newborn baby moments after she was born, according to police in Colorado.

Denver police said that they have arrested 16-year-old Alaya Dotson after being accused of murdering her healthy newborn daughter.

Dotson was charged with first-degree murder.

She was booked into jail and was denied nail.

If convicted, she faces up to life in prison.

According to the police investigation, Dotson was having sex and became pregnant.

When her mother asked her whether she was pregnant, she denied it.

One morning, Dotson woke up with stomach pain and went to the toilet of her home located in the 5800 block of Biscay Street.

She gave birth to a healthy baby girl and went back to her room.

Dotson told police that her newborn daughter Amekah moved her hands and feet but was not crying.

She then wrapped the baby in a blanket and went outside to the backyard of the home.

Dotson picked up a rock and stuffed it into the baby’s throat.

When the suspect’s mother came outside, she noticed the bloody blanket on the ground and tried to pick it up.

The mother and the suspect struggled over the blanket and the baby fell to the ground.

The mother immediately went back to the house and called the police.

The baby was rushed to Children’s Hospital, where doctors removed the rock and declared her dead.

The cause of death was from suffocation.

The teen could have kept her pregnancy and birth a secret by taking advantage of the state’s Safe Haven law, which allows individuals to hand over newborn babies within 72 hours of birth to hospital workers or fire station employees no questions asked.